Mary Boone on High Performance Collaboration and Engagement

All business professionals seeking to build better relationships with a variety of stakeholders

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Suggested Target Audience(s)
 All business professionals seeking to build better relationships with a variety of stakeholders

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  • One-hour speech
  • Two-hour or full day workshop

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  • Individually customized to meet very specific client objectives

Topic Summary

We’re in a new world in terms of communication and relationships – customers have access to more data than ever before and expect to be active participants in the way products and services are designed, delivered, and priced. Organizational “silos” must be broken down to encourage innovation and operate more efficiently. New business models and new forms of strategic partnerships require higher levels of collaboration than ever before. An increasingly global economy and diversified workforce requires us to collaborate across time zones, generations and cultures. Marketing professionals can no longer just communicate about “products” — they must establish shared beliefs, build long-term relationships, and support advocacy at scale.

We are in an era where authentic relationships matter and those relationships are built through high quality communication and collaboration. We have to now engage and truly listen to people rather than just “selling” them on our point of view. The good news is that we now have the tools and approaches to do just that.

This speech will literally change how participants communicate and collaborate. The multi-disciplinary nature of Mary’s research and experience in IT, Communication, Marketing, Meetings and Events, Instructional Design and Organizational Behavior provide the perfect foundation for understanding and mastering this new era of collaboration and social media.

Four Levels of Collaboration Competence

Boone explains strategies, methods and technologies for each of these four levels of communication competence and provides amusing and instructive stories about each level.

Individual: Individuals need the personal skills to collaborate effectively with others. Is it ok to text while your boss is talking? Does a lack of eye contact really matter? Are you a champ or a chump when it comes to using email? All of these skills at the personal level really matter when you’re trying to improve organizational performance.

Organizational: Leaders need to understand how to reduce the “silo” problem in organizations. It’s not just a problem in terms of speaking a different technical language – there are power and relational issues to consider. This segment will address specifics of how to break down the communication barriers inside an organization.

Small Group: There are collaboration skills specific to working in small groups such as virtual teams. Are your virtual teams missing deadlines or delivering substandard quality? Usually issues can be traced to poor communication or collaboration skills. You’ll learn what skills are truly needed to create a high performance team.

Networks: New skills are necessary to build communities with a wide range of external stakeholders including customers, contractors, foreign and domestic business partners, and in some cases even competitors. You’ll learn the best ways to communicate with a wide social network – not just what technologies to use, but also what works in terms of human communication strategies. Wonder why no one visits your LinkedIn group? This speech will explain why and how to change that situation.


mary silhouetteCollaboration: Fad or Fundamental?

Collaboration and engagement – they’re not just buzzwords anymore. Classic communication is all about “tell and sell” – I tell you about my point of view and try to sell you on it.

Contemporary approaches to communication are all about “ask and engage” – I engage in a true dialogue with you in order to build a relationship that’s mutually beneficial.


The Special Role of Meetings and Events in Collaboration and Engagement

Meetings represent an extraordinary opportunity to improve collaboration. The problem is that most meetings are used to broadcast information rather than create true collaboration. This is true for meetings both large and small. Mary challenges participants to rethink everything they know about meetings. For example, did you know that you’re a Meeting Designer? The question is whether you’re a good one, an ok one, or a terrible one and you’ll learn how to improve. Do you know what a “hybrid” meeting is? You need to find out because they’re on the rise. Do your virtual meetings seem flat in comparison to face-to-face meetings? You’ll learn how to design online as well as face to face interactions. In short, you’ll learn to design all your meetings so that they deliver extraordinary results.

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