Four Elements of Strategic Value for Meetings and Events

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Suggested Target Audience(s)
  Meetings and Events Industry

Suggested Delivery Formats

  • One-hour speech
  • Two-hour or full day workshop

All speeches and workshops are:

  • Augmented by virtual pre-work and follow-up activities
  • Individually customized to meet very specific client objectives

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In recent years, the meetings industry suffered through the AIG scandal, TARP legislation, an economic downturn, and most recently, the GSA scandal and resulting legislation. The irony is that these meetings industry crises afford the industry a clear opportunity.  Because meetings have been at the forefront of the minds of executives for the past several years, we have a chance to completely reshape how they perceive the value of meetings.

As a call to action to take advantage of this opportunity, in 2009 Mary wrote a white paper called, "The Case for Meetings: Four Elements of Strategic Value" and donated it to the MPI (Meeting Professionals International) Foundation. Since then, she has designed and participated in workshops, seminars, and other events designed to educate the industry about what truly makes us strategic and how to share that information with key decision makers.

These workshops are invaluable for not only increasing the industry’s ability to articulate its worth, but also for building bridges of understanding between suppliers and meeting planners. In these highly interactive workshops, both planners and suppliers learn how to collaborate more effectively with each other to deliver truly strategic results to organizations.

What are the Four Elements?

Portfolio Management focuses on meetings in the aggregate -- i.e. how to think about the efficiency and effectiveness of your whole portfolio of meetings in a company or association.

Meeting Design  focuses on the form and content of meetings and how to make individual meetings more effective and efficient.

Measurement helps determine the
ROI from a meeting.

Advanced Logistics are necessary to delivering contemporary meetings that include new technologies and new interactive methods.

A Suggested Design for a 2-hour Workshop

  • 20 minutes mini-lecture on the Four Elements
  • 15 minutes Table discussions to generate questions
  • 25 minutes “Radiating” talk show with table representatives
  • 20 minutes mini-lecture
  • 20 minutes Idea Gallery and Open Q&A

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